Thursday, December 4, 2014

To ‘Podi’ Herath

To ‘Podi’ Herath

“….. you got a job transfer and bid farewell with tears saying that you’ll come back to see us and write to us. So far haven’t received just a single phone call from you. Your phone numbers are also dead. Since I’ve insistently invited, it’s not fair that your sending of money as gift without attending my wedding. Our hearts are broken…..”
  -An excerpt from a letter sent by ‘Podi’ Herath of Kahatagasdigiliya

Even I’m not replying
You’re still inscribing
Though I clenched to not to set eyes on them
I’m reading your letters unthinkingly, Herath

While the wet drops of memories
Which put aside as thirst refreshments
Are cosseting in the middle of the heart
Please; don’t stir up mud by meddling in

Spitting with mouth distorted
Moistening the heart with same wineglass shared
Songs sung to the darkness
Still resounding in my subconscious

When Jothi’s songs are airing
I switch off the radio
But I hear unceasingly those songs
I cannot shut down my memory

I passed several roses
With large red petals
Those crooked thorns pierced
Could be drawn out easily
Even they are invisible those tiny thorns
Still pricking in my thoughts

I’ll post this letter
Not very soon;
On a day my mind become strong
I’ll maul my mind to death
Figuring it as a venomous little viper
I’ll incinerate in trash
All the letters you’ve sent me
I’ll pay homage to you
If you please, don’t write back

             -Isuru Chamara Somaweera
             Translated by -  Wojith karnanayaka

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